What is a registered agent and do you really need one for your LLC?

So you are planning to form a company is USA and confused about Registered agent? Here’s a quick guide to clear your confusions.

What is a registered agent and why do you need one?

A registered agent is a company or an individual from USA who will receive legal notifications on behalf of your company.
These notifications include legal papers if your business is sued, business registration notices from the State, and other tax notices.

The ultimate purpose of Registered agent is official communication.

Registered agent types

There are 2 types of registered agents:
1- Individual serving as agent.
2- A company serving as agent

Your business entity cannot serve as own agent to accept legal notifications and papers. You must appoint a third party to serve as agent.

Choosing a registered agent for Company

A registered agent can be (18 years above) individual physically available in USA or any entity based in the USA. You must provide your agent’s name and address to the articles of organisation of relevant state. The agent’s details will be visible to the public record of the entity. The cost of agent lies typically between $50 – $200.

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